Xchangeforgood have invented a revolutionary technology that offers travelers and shoppers an amazing way to use their left over currency, be it coins or notes.

Xchangeforgood transforms physical currency into digital funds, offering a smart solution for leftover travel currency. We are a cross between a bureau de change and cash deposit machines, except we take coins and notes and convert them into digital currency for International and local affiliates.

It’s a simple process  – when traveling through the airport either returning or transiting, look out for the Xchangeforgood green machines and deposit your unwanted/leftover notes or coins in the machines– it doesn’t matter how much you deposit, just try out this easy and efficient technology and receive something back in return.


Our Partners include Itunes, Paypal, Skype, Etisalat and Starbucks.

And if you want to donate your cash to a worthy cause, we are proud to support the Al Jalila Foundation


How it works:

  • Deposit your change, coins or notes, into the Xchangeforgood kiosk, and enter your email address to start the process.
  • Choose a company you wish to receive credit for or you can donate directly into Al Jalila Foundation
  • You will then receive an email or a printed voucher to exchange


Sounds easy? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You don’t need a pre-existing account with any of these companies; you simply get an email or voucher in your name to use.
  • There is no minimum amount you need to deposit.
  • Xchangeforgood takes a small percentage on every transaction and its pegged to the currency exchange at the exact moment.

Look out for an Xchangeforgood kiosk within airports around the Middle East where you can exchange your left over cash into your personal itunes, paypal, amazon accounts, buy gift cards from local and International retailers or make a donation to Al Jalila Foundation.